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Food and Lycra is a place beyond our personal social networks to inspire girls and women, like us, who once upon a time couldn’t run a kilometre, do a pull-up or even lift a weight properly. It’s where we share our deep passion for food – whether we are eating it or making it. A place for us to showcase the amount of fun you can have with a group of friends who all share the same passions and inspire each other to go further. It’s our platform to document our journey as we explore the world through food, fitness and fun.



Rachel is a marketeer born and raised in North London. If she isn’t sneaking into Kim’s fitness classes, you’ll find her constantly seeking her next travel adventure, thinking about her next meal, or tending to her urban jungle. Stalk where she eats and shops for plants on @Supernoodlerach



Kim is a Nike Trainer and PT born and raised in East London. She is currently putting people to the test as a Reshape Trainer at 1Rebel, and Strength & Conditioning Coach at OneLDN. Let’s not forget, she also happens to be a qualified accountant and curates and mixes workout playlists. Stalk her fitness videos and mad strength on @Kimmayco



Laura is a chef and baker from Paris, and now based in Rotterdam (via a 10 year stint in London). She is our resident hypebeast, and new mummy to our beautiful niece - Lou Mavo. Stalk her mad sneaker collection (with wacky trousers), cute pics of Lou and bakes you wish you could eat on @Seraphizm