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Our Services



We are qualified food and fitness professionals, embedded in the industry. We have hosted our own, and partnered with brands to create numerous food and fitness event (see Beats & Fast Feet, our first birthday party, Grenfell Fundraiser with One LDN, Just Doin’ It - Press-up and Pull-up Workshop, Creative Morning Breakfast and Essence & Lycra event.) If you need help catering, curating and planning events we want to hear your ideas - Get in touch.


Social Consulting

We help brands and individuals with their social media. We’ve built our brand from the ground up via social media, and have worked, and are working, with some of the world’s biggests brands to build their foundations, manage their social channels, and create and plan their content. Want to hear more? Get in touch with us here.


Brand Collaborations

We love working with like minded brands who share the same brand values as us. Social promotion, articles, photoshoots, video content, event attendance, partnerships, hosting focus groups - we do it all. If you’re stuck for ideas, we have plenty of them too. Let’s collaborate - Get in touch with us here.