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There’s not really any other words that can best describe our last event event of the 2018, and it just happened to be the biggest one yet.

We joined forces with Carli Wheatley and Emma Louise Burrows to share the beautiful space in Canary Wharf for Naked Body Workout. As they took their tribe through the Naked Body Workout the space was left full of great vibes and energy for us to end the day on a serious high with Beats & Fast Feet.

Beats and Fast Feet is a 45min live workout with live music - getting you to move to each beat…all you had to do was turn up and be ready to TUN UP! We had the incredible DJ AQWEA on the decks dropping all the beats live and direct.

As always we welcomed all levels - the whole reason why we do these events is for EVERYONE to enjoy them and see the benefits of moving your body.

Check the recap below, and some images from the event! Looking forward to doing this again…all very soon!

Swipe left to see the carousel of images of beautiful faces 😍