Cook with Food & Lycra: Fluffy American Pancakes

To celebrate pancake day we thought it would be nice to share our favourite pancake recipe with you guys. So simple, yet so tasty and versatile - and easy to make. Watch the video and find out how we make our favourite type of pancakes. Recipe here.

Christmas Workout – No Equipment Needed

We set this as our Christmas challenge: 1 press up 1 squat 1 burpee (no chest to floor) Then repeat each exercise move twice, then three times, then four... until you get up to 12 or as far as you can! Real simple- you can even do it with all the familia!

F&L x Essence Cuisine: Workouts don't have to be boring!

We teamed up with Essence in Shoreditch and put on a P.E. (throwing it back to the younger years) followed by a delicious plant based brunch! This is what went down.