Beats and Fast Feet - EVENT!

Everyone moved, sweated and vibed at our last event: BEATS & FAST FEET! Here's a round up of everything that went down!

The Best Wagyu Steak EVER!

We went to Osaka in Japan specifically to go to this place! HONIMIYAKE cooks some of the best steak we have ever had - watch to find out more

BEST and CHEAPEST sushi in Tokyo

Call us crazy but yes we queued up for 4 hours for sushi in 5am 🤣! Only in Japan would we do this! Was it worth the hype? Find out…!

Unboxing our bento lunch box

When going on epic trips on Japan's bullet trains, you often have to pick up some food from the train stations. Find out what’s in our bento box!

F&L x Essence Cuisine

We teamed up with Essence in Shoreditch and put on a P.E. (throwing it back to the younger years) followed by a delicious plant based brunch! This is what went down.

Christmas Workout – No Equipment Needed

We set this as our Christmas challenge: 1 press up 1 squat 1 burpee (no chest to floor) Then repeat each exercise move twice, then three times, then four... until you get up to 12 or as far as you can!

Woodway Treadmill Exercises | Dynamic Mode

Treadmills aren't just for running! Treadmills aren't just for running! Especially if you've got a woodway. Core werk and dynamic mode exercises. BURNERS 🔥🔥🔥 If you have a woodway treadmill at your gym try each of these exercises for 1 minute, back to back, rest 30 seconds and then go again 3 times.

Cook with Us: Fluffy American Pancakes

To celebrate pancake day we thought it would be nice to share our favourite pancake recipe with you guys. So simple, yet so tasty and versatile - and easy to make.

F&L Third Year Anniversary

Food. Fun. Fitness. We've collaborated with Vigics to give you an insider's look into the life of Food & Lycra for our third year anniversary! Can’t believe we are three already!

Adventure Race on The Isle Of Man

A 12km up hill run, 22km mountain biking,

5km sea kayaking and two mysterious challenges!

ASICS x F&L | BTS Campaign Shoot

FINALLY our "I Move Me" campaign with ASICS is LIVE! We spent three days with the ASICS production team, Superlarge, in London filming this.

Ride on Retreats in Cornwall

Thank you to Alibi Healthy Drink for inviting us down to Ride on Retreats! Cornwall is so beautiful, and the retreat was so much fun! Check out the video for the recap of what went down.

#WeCookYouEat 1st Birthday Party

On the 5th of February 2014 we celebrated our first year of Food & Lycra by cooking up a delicious menu and inviting down all of our family, friends and readers down to celebrate with us. Here's a little recap of the night.