We Run To Eat


As a friend once said we are “…jokes girls who go around the world eating and running”. Welcome to Food & Lycra, and welcome to our world.

Food Fun Fitness

We are three girls who wanted to collectively share with the world our love for food, fun and fitness.

We wanted a place beyond our personal social networks to inspire girls and women, like us, who once upon a time couldn’t run a kilometer, do a pull-up or swim 20 meters.

We wanted a place to share our deep passion for food – whether we are eating it or making it.

We wanted a place to show the world the amount of fun you can have with a group of friends who all share the same passions and inspire each other to go further.

And so, Food & Lycra was born and created by Kim, Laura and Rachel. Our friendship blossomed out of our love (some may say obsession) of food, then fitness.

We’re not all on the same physical level of fitness, but we truly believe if we can do it, so can anyone. With Food and Lycra we want to document our journey, and along the way we hope you will gain some fitness and food inspirations.

Join us on our journey, as we explore our city and the world through food, fitness and fun.

We can’t wait to kick everything off with Food & Lycra. Be sure to stay up to date through our blog, FacebookTumblr, Twitter AND Instagram. Give us a quick follow – you won’t regret it!