Food & Lycra Chows Down: Dante Fried Chicken x Death by Burrito


Rachel, Kim and I were invited on Sunday to the Dante Fried Chicken's Ride or Fry experience brunch at Death by Burrito to try out the food! Dante Fried Chicken London

Check out the menu though:


Toasted Okra breakfast taco


Sock-it-to-me chicken and honey coconut biscuits

Apricot crack sauce

Almond cranberry slaw

Smoked cheese and crispy leek polenta


White chocolate and black sesame sweet potato pie.

Let me just explain to you how the food screamed into my mouth after every single bite.

The starter, the toasted Okra breakfast taco.

I don't normally like Okra. Rachel and Kim love it. Every time I have had it, it was boiled giving it this slimy texture.

Dante, however, toasted it and that's a whole different story! Now we can talk. I can't believe I actually loved it. This little taco was like the first act of a huge concert: you don't know what to expect and then BHAM it turns out being a great surprise. The smokey flavor of the okra, the spices, the chili, the eggs...this mix of textures and flavours were a perfect mise-en-bouche.

The main, OMFG (excuse my language) but it was so good that my leg was doing the Stanky Leg under the table lol. It was emotional...literally. Dante Fried Chicken is to date THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN WE'VE EVER HAD.

The chicken breast off the bone was moist, tender and tasty and covered in the sock-it-to-me batter. It's fucking delicious. My mouth was having an experience and wanted more and more after each bite. The apricot crack sauce was the one. Perfect combo to cool down the spicy kick of the chicken (yeah I have to admit that I am not the most adventurous person when it come to chili... I can't handle it basically)!  But this piece of chicken was perfect, I think Dante made it thinking about you know what ahahah!

I tried to make it last but it was so good, how could I resist?

You think the chicken was good, the grits that accompanied it were DA BOOOOOMB. Smoked cheese and crispy leek polenta. None of us could actually believe how amazing it was. I wanted to stand on the table and dance to celebrate the party in my mouth and maybe show them what the Stanky Leg is about LOL!

I'm a big cheese fan and this was magical. I will try to make it at home for the girls, I have to! I want more as I'm writing this post.

The little honey and coconut biscuit were also to die for. So soft on the inside and just crispy enough on the outside.

Finally we were on to the dessert: oh mama! Quite a small portion for the greedy fatties we are but we loved the spices and the black sesame brought a nice flavor and texture to the softness of the sweet potatoe pie.

The whole Dante Fried Chicken experience was amazing. GIVE US MORE!

Yo Dante Holla we fuuuucking love you! Big up to the team and the chefs!

Dante is in London at the moment. He's promoting his new cookbook  Ride or Fry: The Dante Fried Chicken Experience co-authored by London-based Terence Teh and creatively directed by NYC studio HellaCrisis

Dante Fried Chicken Guest Chef Takeover at Death By Burrito

Thursday 11.04.13 - Sunday 14.04.13 Catch, 22 Kingsland Road E2 8DA

Dinner bookings between Thursday - Saturday are all full but you can still check them out on a walk-in, first come, first serve basis, and also book for the closing Sunday brunch and party here! Check out Dante Fried Chicken's Facebook for the latest updates.

Don't think twice. JUST GO and tell us we are right! Just look at our faces... it's written all over it!

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