10Km L'équipe Paris - My Mum's First Ever Race


Let me introduce you to the one and only other half: My beautiful mum, Hélène. My mum is from Madagascar and she moved to Paris about 45 years ago and she's still a FOB lol sometimes.

My Mum lives in Paris right now and she runs its streets like a badman every week.

Running with my mum takes me way back. She started running 10 years ago and I remember when she used to go running in our area, Avenue De Breteuil on Sundays. I used to go with her and my best friend, and we used to laugh at her. Silly teenager that I was hey? But we did try to run with her. Unfortunately, over the years she got tired and too busy with work to actually carry on running.

A year and half ago I started running and my mum decided to do the same about 6 months after. Every Sunday she goes running with her friend and she's on it. Since I've left home to move to London (7 years ago jheeezzzzzz) I speak to my mum everyday, and when she moans about not being able to run it cracks me up. But she's really serious about it! ahhhh Ma!

Most recently, I ran the Paris Half Marathon and Mum was part of Cheer Dem Crew....thinking about this brings tears to my eyes damn it! That day she told me next year she will run with me....Man didn't waste no time. With her friend, she signed up for the 10km L'équipe - Paris. AND THE RACE IS THIS SUNDAY COMING!

10km L’équipe

When she announced me this, I didn't think twice, I signed up too. It's going to be a slow one but who cares really? I don't. I cannot wait. I'm so proud of her but why does she keep asking me for a pair of Nike Flyknit racers though? She's been bugging me about these for time now...she tried mine on (2 sizes to big for her) and she said it fits LOL. Stop it Mum lol.

She's already geared up head-to-toe Nike - when she last came to London we went Nike Town London and picked the perfect running outfit but all black errrrrrytaaaaaang!!!

Good Luck Maman! Je t'aime but stop being a chief ahahahahah! xxx

Did I mention mum is 67 years old?

I stopped couting at 50 lol.