Glöanna Yoga Run: Win A Spot for You and A Friend! #Competition


If Food and Lycra ever did an event, it would basically be similar to Glöanna's Yoga Run. Shame we didn't think of this first!

Gloanna yoga run

Glöanna is launching the world's first Yoga Run on the 16th of June, taking place in North London's beautiful Alexandra Palace. And guess what? The kind Glö team have given us a couple of spaces for you and a friend to win!

The idea is simple: grab a bunch of of your mates together to enjoy a scenic 5K run overlooking London, then chill out and prepare to Glö with a 45 minute flow yoga session. After the fitness, the fun will come! Enjoy a yummy, healthy brunch with your friends whilst listening to the vibes spinning from a fellow yogi, DJ Marcus Veda.

gloanna 5k yoga run

What we really love about Glöanna is that the Yoga Run is suitable for all levels; it doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie to yoga, the most flexible yogi, a marathon runner or more of a run-for-fun type, everyone is welcome to join. The 5k Yoga Run is all about building an enjoyable sweat with the run, taking in that healthy glö from yoga and using all those endorphins to party and enjoy music and good food with your friends, and all the new friends you will meet!

If you are interested in joining us and 100's of others running, glö-ing, and getting our well-deserved munch on after, grab your mates and sign up here! Spaces are very limited (the last we heard, there is only about 20 spots left). If you book soon, registration is only £19.

Now, what's a run without a cause eh? All the profits from the Glöanna event will be to donated to London's Evelina Children’s Hospital.

For your chance to win a FREE place for you and a friend in this month's Glöanna 5K Yoga Run all you have to do is share this post on Twitter and give us and Glöanna a cheeky follow! For those of you who do not tweet your life away with 140 characters, leave us a comment below or send us an email to with the subject line: "We Want to Run and Glö!" and we will enter you into the draw. We will be getting in contact with the winners by the 12th June.

gloanna 5k yoga run

For more information about Glöanna's 5K Yoga Run check out their Facebook page and @RunGloanna.

Run, Glö, Eat. We can't wait!