Running Mojo Gone Walkies

I lost my running mojo. I was ashamed to admit my runjo had went walkies. I felt like I couldn't run anymore, I felt too unfit to run, I felt sad, my pace had slowed down and every time I tried to run I just didn't want to finish. I went on a run with Rach and she literally had to lecture me to keep running… that has never happened to me before. Normally I like to try and motivate people, this time I needed all the motivation I could get!


I decided to chill out for a while. I didn't run properly for about 6 weeks, not once did I want to either. When I needed a break from my studies I went out on my bike for a ride instead. Running had lost its appeal to me, I even thought to myself this is it, I’m giving away my half marathon places, no more long distance running for me.

Then Charlie happened. How does this man do it? How does he know? I swear I felt like his email was sent directly to me and just for me… as did probably a lot of RDC members. I found out I wasn't the only one with a missing runjo. His words reassured me that I wasn't the only one feeling sorry for myself. A lot of people go through it. Why so many at the same time I have no idea, maybe it’s the recent good weather? Either way I wasn't alone which is one of the reasons why I love Run Dem Crew - you are never alone.

I started running again last week Sunday, I took it slow and to be honest I didn't enjoy it.

I ran on Tuesday with Run Dem down to the Olympic stadium. It was hard and it just confirmed to me my fitness had gone downhill, and once again, I didn't enjoy it. (Big shouts to Lisa who stayed with me when I had to walk for a stretch back to 1948, again another reason why I love RDC - #crewlove).

Even though both these runs were hard and a bit crap I decided to go for a solo run on Friday. It ended out being one of my favourite runs, in like, ever.

It wasn't a PB, it wasn't my longest distance and it wasn't a new beautiful route.

Instead, it was slow, it was a solo 12km and it was my good old local Victoria park route.

I went out to do at least 5k, I changed route and decided to up the kms a bit. I went off path and ran along the grass, I chased the sunset and smiled at everyone I passed. I didn't have my phone with me so there was none of the standard Instagram shots of my run, I just got to really appreciate the views by myself without anyone else having to give it their “like” of approval. Not once did I have to breathe too hard and not once did I have a screw face or look down at the floor (which is what I usually do when a run gets hard).

For every fifth smile I gave I got a smile back, which was nice.

I enjoyed myself so much that I got a bit lost and accidentally looped the park twice - that’s a first.

I've got my runjo back and I couldn't be happier- yay!

Have you lost your runjo before? How did you get it back?