Urbanist Cycling Chamois Panties – The Nicest Padded Panties We’ve Seen


I know we keep harping on about how sore our lady flowers get when we cycle, or just talk about our lady flowers quite a bit as of late, but ladies, someone has had a light bulb moment and THERE IS A SOLUTION. Urbanist Bettie

We’ve considered getting padded cycling shorts (for cycling and not to get that extra booty bounce FYI) but they are ugly, and our good friend has a padded seat attachment which she carries around everywhere (in case it gets stolen off of her bike) but we take the piss out of it too much to even consider getting one ourselves. Basically everything padded + bike related is ugly, that is until the Chamois Panties popped up on our radar.

We love reading James Greig’s Cycle Love website, and we love it even more for bringing Urbanist’s Chamois Panties to our attention. They are stylish cycling underwear with a foam insert to make your ride more comfortable, and currently comes in two styles: The Bettie and The Brigitte. The range is based on vintage styles, with The Bettie featuring mesh panels and a ruched back and the Brigitte featuring a high waist ‘50s style!

More cushin' for the pushin' yo.

The saucy padded panties are currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter and Urbanist are well on their way to making their $25,000 goal to help manufacture and distribute the range.

Urbanist Brigitte

If you cycle every day, I guess it can end up being quite costly if you need like 5 – 7 pairs (unless you wash them every night), but it’s worth it for a happy flower :D. And, imagine the look on that special someone’s face when you take off those badboys and they see the sewn on pads…

Back Urbanist’s campaign today, not only will you get, at the very least, some cool stickers but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped make Lady Flower’s worldwide comfy and cushy on bike saddles.