When we met Olympic Gold Medal Winner Jessica Ennis


On our special visit to have a sneak preview of the Spring/Summer 2014 Adidas Workout collection we had the chance to interview British track and field superstar Jessica Ennis.

We were on set getting our hair and make up done when we noticed Jessica subtly walked into the room. We sat there jaws open in awe...we're in the same room as the Heptathlon Olympic gold medal winner!

The lady who is the best at 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 m, long jump, javelin throw and 800m. Are you sweating after reading that? I am, I understand if you are too.

The motto "Jack of all trades, master of none" must have got past Jessica. We also couldn't get over how small she is. Ok so you can guess that star struck is a bit of an understatement for me here.

We also were lucky enough to meet the amazing Jodie Williams and Laura Trott too - interviews up on the site soon!

Us, Fashercise and Lunges & Lycra got straight to asking questions. Here's what Jessica had to say:

Food & Lycra: We know you're a track athlete but what is the longest distance you have ever ran?

Jessica Ennis: When I first started I used to go out for half an hour runs along the canals, that’s probably the longest amount of time that I’ve run. I did do a 5k for Adidas which was a few years ago and that was way too far! That’s the furthest I’ve ran, everything else is all track based for me and it’s kind of like 300s. The longest distance I do on track is probably about 600 metres - and that’s way too far as well!

Food & Lycra: How do you guys psyche yourself up before a race? Do you have any mottos you use? Is there certain things that you do or how you speak to people?

Jessica Ennis: I suppose I just always have a couple of things that I’m thinking about for each event, because obviously I do 7 events. I keep my mind occupied with those technical things. But normally before an 800 I get quite mardy, I just want to be by myself and prepare. My team around me and my coach know when I’m ready to compete because I have to just be alone for a bit and get my mind really focused.

L&L: Do you have a favourite piece from the Spring/Summer ‘14 Adidas collection?

Jessica Ennis: Well I’m warming towards these orange leggings, I was a bit like woah I’m not sure but actually they’re really nice!

Food & Lycra: As soon as you walked out we were like omg she looks so good!!

Jessica Ennis: Aww this outfit normally I wouldn’t be sure about but yeah they’re really nice, there’s some really nice stuff.

L&L: Do you wear bright stuff when you train?

Jessica Ennis: I would tend to wear dark leggings and a bright top but it’s nice to kind of mix it up a bit. There’s some good colours this year!

Fashercise: We know your kit has to be practical and technical but do you think about styling as well? Do you mix and match? Do you really think about colours when you’re training?

Jessica Ennis: It depends what day really! How tired you are and what you have to hand. There’s so many nice pieces from Adidas so it’s nice to pick and choose and you know mix it up a bit, and there’s so many different options. I kind of like to match it up sometimes.

Food & Lycra: What’s your favourite cusines?

Jessica Ennis: Ooo mine would be Italian or Thai!

Food & Lycra: Are you a starters and mains girl or a mains and desserts girl?

Jessica Ennis: Starters and main!

Jessica is so down to earth and really easy to talk to. We felt so lucky to be invited to chat with her, Laura Trott and Jodie Williams. Thank you Adidas UK!