When we met Olympic Gold Medal winner Laura Trott


Laura Trott has so many medals under her belt you wouldn't believe she's only turning 22 this year. When I was 22 I could just about cycle 10 metres without crashing into the nearest pavement (still happens now- and why do I cycle commute into work?!).

Trott has won the Team Pursuit twice in the world championship and three times in the European championship. She even proved she has legs made of steel by winning the World and European Omnium discipline. At the 2012 Olympics, Trott won gold in the team pursuit and only set a new record time for the event!  Just sitting in front of her I was thinking wow, you are amazing!

When we interviewed Jessica Ennis we also got to ask Laura a few of the same questions. We also asked Jodie Williams too- up on the site soon! In the meanwhile here's what Trott had to say:

Food & Lycra: We know you're a track athlete but what is the longest distance you have ever ran?

Laura Trott: I just don’t run at all! Obviously I’m a bike rider. I think I’ve done a mile before.

L&L: Are you allowed as a cyclist?

Laura Trott: No not at all, like the coaches don’t even like the fact that I take my dog for a walk. They prefer me to take him for walks on my bike. We have to be off of our feet for as much time as possible. For me as well, if I walk around a lot my back starts to really hurt. Because obviously I just don’t do anything where I carry my own body weight.

Food & Lycra: Do you miss it?

Laura Trott: No, I just like lying in bed!

Food & Lycra: How do you guys psyche yourself up before a race? Do you have any mottos you use? Is there certain things that you do or how you speak to people?

Laura Trott: I’m really really superstitious! So before I leave the hotel room I have to make sure I’m wearing a new pair of socks and I have to step on a wet towel before I leave. It’s just stupid things. I have to make sure I’m wearing my lucky hair band. I’ve got a bracelet that I normally wear- they make me take it off for photoshoots but I normally wear it which is lucky. But when I’m in the track nothing bothers me really, I don’t really get wound up or nervous. I’m quite talkative so as long as I’ve got someone there talking to me I’m fine, I just get on the track and do my thing.

L&L: Do you get recognised much since the Olympics?

Laura Trott: I don’t think it’s as much as what people think. Obviously when me and my boyfriend Jason (Jason Kenny) are together it’s a lot worse. When I’m on my own not really.

Fashercise: We know your kit has to be practical and technical but do you think about styling as well? Do you mix and match? Do you really think about colours when you’re training?

Laura Trott: Yeah I agree. For me we normally just rock around in sports bras so it’s nice to have a nice one that stands out that is bright and different I guess than what other people wear.

Food & Lycra: What’s your favourite cusines?

Laura Trott: Mine is Chinese- definitely!

Food & Lycra: Are you a starters and mains girl or a mains and desserts girl?

Laura Trott: Main and dessert! Love a bit of chocolate cake!

A main and dessert girl! Just like us! Except we wish we could be as sick as Trott is on two wheels. Laura was so lovely to speak to and happily answered all our questions, whether food or lycra related (you know how we do!). Keep a look out for our interview with Jodie Williams up soon!