When we met sprinter Jodie Williams


Jodie Williams at only 20 years old can run 100 metres faster than it takes me to put a picture on Instagram. We were in awe when we met her. A young lady with such a petite frame but so much power. Just watching footage of her in action over 60 metres and 100 metres is enough to have us lifting our jaws back off the ground. I'm always astonished at people who can sprint fast, and Jodie Williams is no understatement to the word fast.

We've given you the low down of what Jessica Ennis and Laura Trott had to say about all things lycra and all things food. Now it's Jodie's turn.We got to ask Jodie all things lycra and of course all things food. Here's what Williams had to say:

L&L: Do you tend to think about what you wear when you're choosing kit or is it just function?

Jodie Williams: Yeah I do! I like quite bright colours and I have a big thing for patterned leggings, a lot of the adidas leggings are really cool. A lot of that stuff I'm concious of but obviously it has to be functional as well.

L&L: Are you like that off of the track as well?

Jodie Williams: Yeah, I'd say so. I'd say my style is quite bold, I like big patterns and big colours.

Fashercise: When you're not training do you dress up in heels too?

Jodie Williams: I love heels but they hurt my feet so much! Any opportunity to wear heels I will, when I'm off the track I like to dress a bit as well, it's nice to sometimes get away from Lycra.

Food & Lycra: We know training can be a bit lonely sometimes that's why we try to find any opportunity to train with friends. Do you ever train with your friends?

Jodie Williams: I have a training group that I train with and we're all really close. It makes a massive different training with your friends, all the girls I train with are becoming my best friends- we get on really well.

Food & Lycra: We know you're a track athlete but what is the longest distance you have ever ran?

Jodie Williams: *laughs* Well you know what, I did an 800 when I was younger. Recently, in the last 4 years, I probably haven't run over 400 metres.

Food & Lycra: Would you ever consider it? Like a half marathon or a 10km?

Jodie Williams: I can't run but I can sprint! (LOL) I can't jog, honestly if you saw me jogging you'd probably laugh- it's really bad! Like really really bad!

Food & Lycra: We like to do a bit of track training every week to help us with strength. If you could give us one tip, what would it be?

Jodie Williams: Oh dear! Such a hard question!

Food & Lycra: Or something that you tell yourself constantly to keep yourself going?

Jodie Williams: D'you know what, I have it tattoed! *We had to take a pic!* "Pain is Temporary, Victory is Forever"

Food & Lycra: Yes girl!

Food & Lycra: We're not just about sports, we're about food as well, but not necessarily good food like healthy food- we like things like chips! Lolz So what is your favourite cuisine?

Jodie Williams: My favourite cusine! Probably Italian- I have a bit of a weakness for Pizza. It's a big weakness of mine.

Food & Lycra: Is it the topping or the dough?

Jodie Williams: It's everything!

Food & Lycra: What's your favourite pizza?

Jodie Williams: Pepperoni!

Food & Lycra: Are you a starters and a main girl? Or a main and dessert girl?

Jodie Williams: A main and dessert girl

Food & Lycra: YAY!! hehe

Food & Lycra: One last food question... If there was one restaurant you had to go to for the rest of your life which would it be?

Jodie Williams: That's a hard question! Maybe Pizza Express actually- you know, I love my pizza. I think I could have pizza for the rest of my life... that's probably not what I should say as an athlete lol

L&L: Do you get to eat a bit of what you fancy or do you have to follow a strict diet?

Jodie Williams: I should say no... rather then saying I have to eat salad all day I'd say I do tend to try and stick to eating enough protein in my day. So I have my protein after training and I always have my protein shakes after training so it's more along those lines rather than specifically eating well.

L&L: As you train to go into events do you need to be stricter?

Jodie Williams: Yeah when going into competition mode I try and refine it and eat well for that period so I can stay at my competition weight as well. Apart from that during the winter it's fine!

Fashercise: Do you wear make up to the gym? Or is that something that's important to you?

Jodie Williams: Not while I'm training but when I'm competing I always wear make up, it's nice to be a bit glamorous while competing.

L&L: Are you superstitious? Do you have a lucky thing you do before races?

Jodie Williams: Yeah I always wear blue nail varnish when I compete, so I always have to have blue nail varnish on. If you look at any photos of me I'll always have my blue nail varnish on.

L&L: If people are starting out on a fitness routine and getting out there in the crappy weather what is your tip for that?

Jodie Williams: D'you know what? You don't always have to go outside. So if you look outside and it's really cold and rainy you can always try and do a circuit inside, or choose 5 exercises and do those indoors. At least try and do something inside I'd say.

It was so great to meet Jodie. She was so happy to answer all our questions, no matter how off topic we went with food!