There's a New Club in Town - Kensington Harbour Club


If you know us, you know we like to stick to our home comforts and we love classes at our local boutique gyms i.e. A good sweaty class in East London. But we stepped out of our bit of London last week, and swung by to West London to check out the Chelsea Harbour club to get a taste of what the new Kensington Harbour club (opening Summer '17)  will be like. The Harbour club isn't like your traditional gym or fitness boutique studio. It's kind of like the two came together to have a love child and also take care of your love child (or children) while you work out- literally, they have a creche and nursery!

We were shocked at how impressive this space was and how much it has to offer, especially if you have a family. We're not quite there yet but we definitely have future mummy fitness goals now that we've visited this place and seen what the new Kensington Harbour Club has to offer- and some!

The Harbour Club merges what they know best (top end gym facilities) with new technology to bring you the latest innovative classes and brand new concepts that you can't get anywhere else in London. Here's what we are most excited about.


This concept comes from Spain and Harbour Club are the first club to bring it to London. Check out this video below to get an idea of what it's about.

The range of workouts you can get from this are endless as it is programmed by the trainer digitally. The concept works around following LED lights, moving fast and being agile. And, what's even better is that this class will be for all ranges of abilities. It works for families who want to train with their kids all the way through to top athletes who are training for their next event.

Your usual drills you do in a park you can now be done digitally in a fully immersive studio, challenging you to move faster and holding you accountable for every single rep and run. We can't wait to try this and let you know what it's like!


If you were to combine some of the top classes in London together, like 1Rebel, Kobox and Orange Theory you would get Blaze. Are you thinking how?! Yep, we are too!

Here's some pictures of what it is going to look like:



The class will involve intervals between a treadmill, a box/bench and a boxing bag and while doing this you are strapped up to a heart rate monitor so you can track how hard you are really working!

We are still rattling our brains thinking how this class is going to work, we are so excited to try it when it comes out and we will tell you all about it on our Instagram when we do! Stay posted - summer 17 soon come!