F&L x ASICS | I Move Me

We are so excited to finally be able to talk about our latest collaboration...!

Asics I Move Me Food & Lycra

Earlier this year we were picked by Asics, along other great athletes, to be part of their European I MOVE ME campaign. I MOVE ME is all about your relation with movement, how we move and why we move. Through the campaign, Asics are highlighting some incredible stories, and we are so humbled to be able to tell ours too - captured over a three day shoot in London, home of Food & Lycra!

Asics I move me Food and Lycra 2

 We started Food & Lycra 5 years ago to share our fitness journey and food adventures. We would have never thought we would be where we are today; inspiring people to make change and live a more balanced lifestyle. What a journey it’s been, and all through sharing our love for fitness, eating, and hate for dieting and unrealistic body goals.

The #IMoveMe movement reflect perfectly what we believe in. No matter your shape or abilities moving will makes you happier and healthier inside and out. Our journey hasn’t always been without struggles and it goes way back to our childhood. Our upbringing and culture has influenced our approach to fitness today. Move however you can, eat what makes you happy in moderation and do it all with friends.

F&L I move me Asics

Asics managed to portray who we are in a one minute video. All the footage did not come without the hard work from the production team, very little sleep and great visions!

During those 3 days, we realised what the life of an actress was. All these people just for us? We did feel very special and despite the cold (it was so cold)  and little sleep, it was a great experience! We were ready on set by sunrise and done by sunset each day. We ran bridges, we ran on tracks, we played with fire, we cooked, we ate, we laughed (a lot), we cried and even missed a plane (LOL...no joke…). Watch the final Food & Lycra #IMoveMe video below:

If you want to see what went down exactly watch our BTS below too ;-)

Join the movement. We’re in. Are you?