Redbull: Quicksand 2018

1 mile race they say. Margate beach they say. It'll be easy, it'll be fun they say. 1 mile is nothing they say! It'll be sunny, they also say.


Rule 1, never listen to the ones who have never taken part in Redbull's Quicksand race. It is a proper CHALLENGE!

We've had some beautiful weather in the UK and when we were invited by Redbull to take part in the race we thought why not! We saw the creative for the race, saw sandcastle illustrations and some hills - thought this meant it'll be a fun run. Plus, we'll be by the beach on a sunny day, getting our fitnezz on and it's only a mile. Boy were we wrong! 

We arrived in Margate early in the day, looked across the road and saw the enormous sandy hill, and knew this was going to 1. hilarious and 2. hard! We also heard some bangers, and knew it was coming from the sound system of our good mates Run Dem Crew!


We were the first group of females to run after watching the men sweat and struggle, which didn't give us much confidence LOL - but what could we do, we were here now! The 1 mile race route was made up of two large hills, four medium hills and endless trenches - what's more we had to complete two laps! When we arrived at the start line, we all agreed to go slow and steady to avoid burning out. The first few steps on flat ground was tough enough, we hadn't even got to the hills yet. The sun was beaming on us, the sand beneath our feet made us feel sluggish, the hills made our thighs burn, our chest felt heavy, we could taste blood in our throats but guess what...we did it! One mile is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and when we look back it was definitely a race like none other, and a welcomed challenge. 


Oh, and we forgot to mention the main reason we agreed to do the we could get fish and chips from Peter's Factory <3!!


Photo Credit: Sweet Gyal like Dora!