Get More Sleep: Some of Our Handy Tips!

Don’t sleep on this post…actually, we do want you to sleep! 


Without getting too heavy on the science, we all know the importance of sleep. From your working day to your workout, it’s all linked to your sleep. We’ve all tried to get into better sleeping habits, even Kim tried to commit to getting an extra 2 hours a night and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And it’s OK! We all know social lives, work lives, and social media can get in the way, but why not try and make a small change that’ll help make a BIG difference?

You + Small changes = Big difference. Quick maths!

Here are some of our top tips on sleep:

  • Cut phone/screen time 1 hour before bedtime - start at 30 minutes if an hour is too hard

  • Aim to work up to 7 hours of sleep- add an extra 15, 30 mins until you increase the total time

  • Tidy your room - de clutter and make your room a calming space

  • Tidy your mind- keep a notebook by the side of the bed to write down any thoughts/worries/ideas to clear you mind ready for some z’s

  • Try and cut out the snooze button!

If you’ve got a spare 30 minutes? Dr Cheri Mah talks us through the science, some crazy facts in this podcast called The Link Between Sleep and Slam Dunks.

Also, this works by name... this works by nature! We tried This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray and that calming lavender hit the spot zzzzzzzzzzz!

Have you got any other pearls of wisdom you can share? We want to hear from you...