15 Things About City Cycling in London


For the first time last week, I cycled every single day - either to and from work or to work and from whatever activity I'm doing after work - and I loved it.

We Run to Eat Nike iD Cycling

I've logged about 60 miles in those 4 days which makes me make this kind of face ":-O" whilst doing the Diddy Bop.

Diddy Bop

I don't really understand why my thighs aren't getting any tighter, but I do feel a lot more refreshed and awake when I turn up to work so hey ho! A silly shin injury meant no running for a while which absolutely sucked and made me lose my running mojo, but I read cycling helps a lot with recovery.

As I've cycled more, I've also noticed a whole lot more whilst being on the roads of London. I spend my days being a sweaty mess before and after work (what's new - I'm gross, I know), getting absolutely lost in areas of London I have never been before and thinking about these 15 things:

  1. Lady's flowers are precious things, and the more you cycle the more you start to realise potholes are your enemy. There are so many in London, and no matter how good you are at weaving in between them all (I'm not) once one gets you, it's PAIN.

  2. ...because of these dodgy roads, and the lack of cycle safe lanes, you really start to understand why those cyclist campaign and petition so passionately for better roads to cycle on. You may have thought they were annoying pre-owning-a-bike-and-getting-on-the-roads, and probably didn't really pay much attention to them before, but you will thank them.

  3. There isn't a better feeling than cycling on fresh tarmac roads - smoother than smooth, your lady flower truly appreciate it.

  4. I am starting to perv on bikes. After buying my bike, I started to really take notice of bikes around me - the roads of London is basically a showroom for the slickest bikes. You start checking out bikes like they are men and this is going through your head: "oiii that bike is choong you knowww!" (whilst knowing absolutely nothing about the technicalities of the bike smh.)

  5. You are very grateful for those old-school hand dryers at work. Although not as environmentally friendly as the horribly noisy ones you see everywhere, the nozzle bit of the old school hand dryer moves so you can dry sweat and water off various bits of your body, perfect if there isn't a shower in your office. Take that hi-tech Dyson Airblade and your fancy ways.

  6. Getting lost on the roads of London sucks - having to stop every 10mins to check your directions is SO annoying. I cycled from South West to East Central London and it took me 1 hour and half. It's not fun until you start to see sights and realise...

  7. ...it's ok to play tourist in your city - like running, you get to discover your city all over again. Stop, take it all in, and if you are like me, take a photo -  rediscovery is a great thing. Find a new appreciation of London.asians taking pictures

  8. Hills are like your bitchy friends: they are bitches but deep down they are just insecure and want to be your friends. It's going to be a tough ride, just grit your teeth and deal with the bitchy hills because it will pay off one day. Plus, with every great ascent uphill, comes an an amazing "I'm the King of World" type descent.

  9. Cycling for 40 minutes, under 6minutes per mile only burns 147 calories according to a certain City Map - what kind of bull is this?

  10. I get verbally abused more cycling than walking - racially, and silly comments thrown around because I choose to wear a vest? Get a grip.

  11. I eat flies for dinner and pollution for dessert - cyclists, can I just ask, why is it so difficult for me to cycle with my mouth closed? I mean, I literally have my tongue waggling like a dog. WHY?!

  12. You start to understand why cyclist on the roads gets mad - drivers are dangerous, pedestrians rarely look where they go, and cyclists always gets the blame.

  13. Traffic lights are the start line for the unwritten race. All of sudden you're in the middle of a competition between men - one look at each other and they know its on, best to let them ride on and do their thang, ain't nobody looking to get hurt.

  14. Don't fear the buses - they will try to intimidate you but fuck it, go at the pace you feel comfortable. Sometimes I feel like Super Mario with Bowser chasing me, but MEH, Mario always win.

    bowser and super mario

  15. And finally, it's therapeutic. Cycling sets your mind free. There is nothing better than cycling on a cool summer's evening in London to ease your worries and to freshen your thoughts.

Ride safe ladies and gents, and take it all in, rediscover the city you live in.

What are your thoughts on City Cycling? Share your thoughts with us below!