Workout like Madonna with Nicole Winhoffer


What do you do when your idol's personal trainer comes to London to do fitness classes? You do not think twice, you go!! I cannot miss this. Long story short, I used to be a dancer and I used to teach kids aged 6 to 17 years old how to dance. Dancing and fitness have always been a part of my life. This is an opportunity for me to get back into my first love after a long break.

Enough about me lol. This is about NICOLE WINHOFFER!! She's the real deal, she's so talented, I just can't wait to take her class!

Nicole Winoffer is a personal trainer and professional dancer. She was born in New York City, where she began her life quest as an artist and dancer.

Nicole centers her workout style to create a strong, lean, toned, flexible body full with endurance and agility, using unconventional, innovative design and movement. Using all elements of creativity, her designs are influenced by art, fashion, music, culture, and inspiration.

She is currently the Creative Director of Madonna’s program at HARD CANDY FITNESS: "ADDICTED TO SWEAT", creating the content and programs for Hard Candy Fitness gyms worldwide.


We asked her a few questions to get to know her a little bit more...

Nicole Winhoffer, madonnas personal trainer

  • Where's your favorite place to eat? (Anywhere in the world)

My favorite place to eat in the world is Souen in NYC. It is a macrobiotic restaurant that serves the best quality food. I usually eat there after I finish teaching with my NYC clients. My second favorite place to eat in the world is the Fasano Hotel in Rio, Brazil. I love to eat on the rooftop- the service is the best and the view is breathtaking!"

  • What is your favorite city and why?

My favorite place in the world is Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The energy, weather, and people make me happy. You can feel the beauty, happiness, and free-spirit in the air. The people are so kind and friendly... And they love to take care of their bodies with fitness! Of course I love my time in London too!

  • You are a real inspiration, who inspires you?

Madonna. She is the hardest working artist in the world. She is persistant, dedicated, and consistent. When we are working out, it gives me my energy for the day. She turns her thoughts into reality and never gives up.

  • What do you do on rest day?

Massage. Bikram Yoga. Grocery Shopping. Plan my upcoming week's schedule. Read. Practice, study, and think of my next workout program.

  • As a dancer how would you describe your style?

I was trained Balanchine method of ballet, but have a heavy influence of modern and different cultures of dance. I studied classical Indian dancing while I did the broadway show Bombay dreams and as a young girl studied and memorized each of the world tours of Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears. My style is freedom, sensuality, and technical.

  • How did you start working as Madonna's personal trainer in 2009?

I was part of her Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2009, I was training her dancers. It was a beautiful coming together as I collaborated with many styles of dancers from around the world. This experience shaped my training background. After the tour ended I became Madonna's primary trainer.

  • Have you got a motto that keeps you going?

"Don't Give Up" "Follow Your Heart and Listen To Your Soul" "Ask Why" and "Do The Things That Scare You Most"

What more can I say? She's simply inspirational.

Nicole Winhoffer is in London teaching classes for a limited time only. Reserve your spot ASAP!



Call the studio to book a place

Dance Works STUDIO 3
Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN
(Opposite Selfridges Clock)
Telephone: 020 7629 6183
30GBP per class.