Fitness Playground and the City Treasure Hunt


We were recently invited to Lunges and Lycra Summer Social.  A great evening highlighted by our first Fitness Playground session. Fitness Playground is a full body work out that enables "Playgrounders" to pick a session that matches their fitness targets. Sessions are split into Burn, Best, Blast and Build classes.

  • Burn is a full body conditioning session with their trademark twists and turns.
  • Best is a combination of set training goals and fitness tests with their rotating exercise circuits.
  • Blast is a high intensity interval training with short periods.
  • Build is a mix of resistance based exercises o targeted muscle group to tone and build.

For our first session they tailored it into a fun treasure hunt around Central London.

We were divided in teams of 3/4 . Rachel, Kim and myself ended up in different teams.  Bring it on! we are quite competitive with each other but on a banter level...oooobviously! And we had war paint on our faces - Gold, Green, Red, we were ready!

Each team had a team leader and we were sent clues to nearby locations on our Iphones to find the treasures! We had to figure out where to go ( God bless GOOGLE MAPS!) and then run to the places as fast as possible in order to collect as many points as possible.

These were the clues we were sent:

"Head to the only thing in Soho that could be considered square. When you get there, what's the name of the trainer?"

"Use the following postcode to get to find the next clue - WC2H 8DG. When you get there, tell me the color of the background with the 3 stick men"

"Head to 8 dials minus 1 and tell me the name of the Queen that unveiled the sun clock"

"Head to the square that the midlands would be proud of and where movie launches happen, Mark is waiting there. Tell me what his Fitness Playground nickname is"

"Go and climb Nelson's column. What animal is the big blue thing? "

"Head to the Queen's house where the big road meets Saint James Park. Our trainer will be there. What's the name of the other Fitness playground founder?"

"Time to start heading back. Go via Piccadilly Circus and tell me when Anthony Ashley Cooper KC was born"

This last question was the funniest one as Rachel and I simply Googled the answer (I know we shouldn't have lol) and we both manage to get it wrong. Shaaaaame! But we had a laugh discovering we did the same mistake!

As well as finding our way while running we had a little photo challenges to grab more points.

A team photo with no feet touching the floor:

One person in a tough yoga position YEEEESSSS RAAAAACHEEEEELLLL:

Photo challenge in the pocket, we also had to collect a few bits for bonus points before we headed back to our starting zone:

A tube map,  newspaper from the day before, 3 business cards and someone’s receipt.

It was fun, we had a laugh and we sweated (a lot). It was a real workout but it was so entertaining, definitely up there in the list of fun fitness things to do.

You should give it a go. If you're alone or come as a group, don't be shy you'll meet new people either way. It's also a great team bonding exercise for companies!

Check it out and tell us what you think. They have an introductory offer of 2 sessions for 10 pounds!

Ps: Rachel's team won, my team came second and Kim's came fourth...Food and Lycra take overrrr!