Reprezent Radio Interview: Food & Lycra on Food, Fun and Fitness



Last week we were invited onto Reprezent Radio’s Voice of Young London show to have a chat about health and wellbeing. Kim and I were holding the fort for F&L, and let’s just say Kim’s experience from her younger days as a ‘radio personality’ on an East London pirate radio station got us through the 7 minute live interview, whilst I awkwardly chimed in here and there LOL.

Reprezent Radio

Reprezent 107.3FM is a youth-led community station showcasing the very best in London’s young talent and new music. As the Voice of Young London, Reprezent Radio regularly discusses issues which are affecting young people in the UK, bringing to light issues which may not be as widely discussed on mainstream media. The hot topic of last week’s show was about health and lifestyle, and the importance of staying active as school season and winter kicks.

We were absolutely honored and thrilled to have been invited to have a chat about our fitness journey, our favourite foods and tips we would share with beginner runners. A massive shout-out to Akeem for inviting us!

Check out the full interview below, and we hope you enjoy listening to our favourite track: PUMP UP THE JAM!!