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Boxing. I've tried boxing once. It was when I was about 16 and in the dingiest Tottenham gym. It was my first ever 'gym experience', and one I will never forget. Our trainer was mean, and the gloves smelt so bad you would want to gag. It also cost about £2 a class, but even that low price point couldn't keep me interested enough! Fast forward a few years (ahem) to a seemingly fitter and healthier Rachel, and you will find me signing up volunteeringly to a 'Box Fit' class at Frame Shoreditch.

Kim and I managed to bag ourselves a couple of spaces during Nike Training Club Week. We had no idea what we were in for, only that it was new to us and it sounded pretty cool. Cool we were not, in fact, we were stupidly sweaty after a very intense class - and we loved it!

NTC WeekNTC WeekNTC Week

Box Fit is a high intensity, high energy 45 minute cross training class which involves choreographed boxing moves to fast beats; think drum & bass, a few high speed garage tracks and dance tunes. Note the word: CHOREOGRAPHED. To be able to do choreographed moves, you have to have coordination. And, as I'm sure you're all aware, I have no such thing. I mean...can you learn to be more coordinated, or is it just never going to happen? My brain just doesn't seem to work like that! Any activity which involves some sort of routine with four or more steps is pretty much game over for me. I always have to think a little bit more to get in to the rhythm of things, and as soon as I get a set of moves, it's time to move to the next one!

I'm that girl in class who can't tell my left from right -  so you know, left hook, right hook combos didn't really come naturally to me...I always end up laughing at my own reflection. I can only imagine what the person behind me is thinking!

The sick music our trainer, Jermaine, was playing made the whole thing a little easier, and got me more in the mood and rhythm of it all! Watching Kim's reflection also helped me out a lot too LOL. After about 20 mins, I finally got the moves down and it was so good! The combo of moves and music made the class seem more dance orientated, and I felt like I was getting down in the cluurrrrbbb.

Frame Shoreditch Box FitFrame Shoreditch Box Fit

Ladies and Gents, be prepared to sweat it out! You have to be super fast on your feet for this Box Fit class, or risk bumping into your fellow Boxfitters. Also, air punches are a lot harder than it sounds - combined with low hold squats,  and you are in for a killer session.

Give me a fast paced boxercise class over beating a punchbag wearing a smelly old pair of gloves any day. If you are looking for a diverse workout, which works out every part of your body then definitely checkout this class. We were fortunate enough to give away 5 classes to one lucky winner at our #WeCookYouEat first anniversary party - hope he signs up to a session with Jermaine!

Frame Shoreditch Box FitFrame Shoreditch Box Fit

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