Speed Motivation: Sorrell Walsh


We get inspired daily by people in our circles and our closest friends. A hot spot for running inspiration is Run Dem Crew's social feed, there is an abundance of inspirational people in the crew and we're lucky enough to be able to meet these people every Tuesday. One lady in particular caught our attention with her speedy legs. It's easy to miss Sorrell because she isn't one of the loudest girls at Run Dem Crew and she is the least likely to shout and boast about her PBs. But you are most likely to miss her because she has run past you at super fast speeds with the Elite Dem Crew or busy doing ultras with other crew members (43 miles in 8 hours 55- I don't think I've ever even driven 43 miles). 1234819_10152222061988858_62629671_n

Run Dem Crew is split into different speed levels where Elite is the top of the top. We're talking sub 7 minute miles here so we know this is a "Serious Ting No Joke No Laughter" kind of group.

We wanted to get to know Sorrell a bit more so we asked her questions about her running and of course we asked her about food too!

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Name: Sorrell Walsh

Age: 23

Occupation: E-commerce assistant

Favorite cuisine: Mexican

Favorite dessert: Cake (ANY)

Can you remember what your first run was like?

I did the cross country at school, but my first proper run about 4 years after was vile. It was a mile long and included me stopping at the top a hill and dry heaving.

How often do you run?

4 - 5 times a week

What are your PBs?

Marathon- 3.35 Half - 1.35 10K - 43

Do you do any other sports?

It's always good to mix it up. I started swimming when I was injured and LOVE it and I really enjoy spinning too. I used to train as a trampolinist but haven't done it for a long time.

Do you listen to music when you run?

If so what are your fave tracks? If I'm on my own then I always have my music. We're New Here - Jamie XX and Silent Alarm - Bloc Party are two of my favourite albums to go ham to.

You're one of the few ladies who can run with the Elite Dem Crew of Run Dem... What's your advice to girls who want to get faster?

Don't be scared to dig deep and put in the hours, and don't be put off by the massive sausage fest that comes with faster running. The faster boys are a platform for me to aim for, not be scared by, and I know they are rooting for the ladies to get faster too. I'm very excited for the Elite Gyal Dem to grow.

Why did you join Run Dem?

I saw the #Mile21 magic after I did the VLM, and was so inspired by the ethos of the crew.

Do you live by any motos?

Run, work, play, rinse, repeat.

And now for some randoms...

If you had to eat in one restaurant for the rest of your life which would it be and why?

Wahaca I love spicy food and I'm a veggie so the choices are really good without being a bog standard fajita.

What's your drink of choice?

Non alcoholic - Rubicon Lychee Alcoholic- Nice cold pint of cider

Fried Chicken or Burgers? Neither. Cheese and chips!

Follow Sorrell's journey on her blog ATTA GIRL. I will certainly be thinking of Sorrell when I try and challenge myself further.