Pastry and Fitness: The Possible Love?


There are a lot of people with a busy work life and who still manage to keep their fitness. To these people...well done! Keep it up! It's a real struggle for me as a pastry chef. Oh yeah I met Ainsley Harriot at work.

Here's the story (I'll keep is short).

I lived all my life in Paris and moved to London 9 years ago. I have a degree in communication and advertising, worked as a visual Manager for a famous Sports brand and became a pastry chef. If that's not random, then what is! So far, I've been very lucky with the opportunities I've been given and I'll be forever grateful.

So here I am working as a pastry chef . It's been 8 months and I love it. Baking keeps my mind off of things when I'm upset or angry. It's therapeutic and it has a great calming effect on me. I love baking and creating new cakes and pastries. I can say today that this is a passion for me. Baking makes me happy, but all these positive effects on my mind also have a negative effect on my body. I've put on weight and quite a lot.

I wanted to share with you guys my struggle to stay fit within such an environment. People love to see pictures of good food and it always looks yummy. It does. But when you are the one who has to make it and constantly taste it...whey heyyyy.

I love my food. I'm not slim and I've never been and I don't want to be.

I do work long hours (like most chefs). Most weeks I work between 50 to 60 hours and during the busy time it's been up to 100h. We are constantly busy and sometimes taking a break becomes a waste of time lol (that's how I see it) So what do I do all day? I nibble on things I prepare...CAKES and I'm not always conscious of it.

When finishing so late, the last thing I want to do is workout. I just want to see my bed. When I manage to finish early and I have the energy, I run home. I do my best to stay active. I'm still running and working out, but the weight stays on and losing it is becoming a bit of a myth right now. To tell the truth it has affected my confidence in fitness a little bit. I just don't feel as capable sometimes.

I looked for help by trying to follow a training program and having more regular and healthier eating habits while at work, but it never happened. This is what I'm lacking of really... a routine. None of my weeks are the same and I find it hard to find a balance.

Kepping fit while your best friends at work are butter, flour, sugar and toda la familia is a proper challenge for me.

Hey have a look...

This is what I do when I'm not working. A classic...french crêpes and Nutella...a must!

My camo cake

Victoria sponge and buttercream

Chestnut and Vanilla cake

Peanut butter and jam cake for my peanut butter and jelly sandwich lovers

This is the kind of things I do when I am working.

This is a actually a Tiramisu with a coffee Macaron

Vanilla Bavarois

Giant Chocolate chip scones

The ones no one can resist in the kitchen...the Profiteroles.

So now you see why it's challenging for me. I have to taste everything I do. I need to make sure it's delicious otherwise it's not being served.

Just so you know I will get my fitness back on while still being a Pastry chef. When I'm ready I'll show you. Just give me some time.x