Soul Electronics by Ludacris - It's All About the Bass


When it comes to workouts - how do you choose your headphones? What makes a good pair of headphones? How much would you spend on them? soul electronics food and lycra

To the above questions, I would say "They need to stay on my head when I run, have decent sound and be under £30 unless I can get discount" Yep that's me. I don't really listen to music when I commute. The only time I would need headphones is when I workout outside of my house and alone. At home the music is on full blast!

How do you feel about hearing people pounding the ground during a race? Breathing loudly...etc? Personally, it bothers me quite a lot. I get distracted and I struggle to focus. If I'm by myself, I cannot run or train without music on. I need to isolated and in my zone.

When I train at the gym, I need them even more because most of the time, the music is rubbish!

Having music on helps me focus and get myself into my training/running bubble.

I have to admit that I have a thing for headphones. Let's say that 2 pairs aren't enough for me. Don't ask me why. I would not be able to answer! But I can tell you that they are always colourful, bright and bold.

After testing out Soul Electronic headphones, we all came agreed on one thing. The bass!

The bass is so powerful. It literally cut all sounds from the outside. They are great for the gym or to run around the track - way better than the annoying Apple earphones which always drops out our ears when we run! So irritating.

I've been running in the streets with them on and I have to turn the volume down quite a lot because I tend to to forget to pay attentions to cars. Yeah I know I should be careful!

When it comes to night runs I have to wear them like a DJ - one ear on, one ear off. Night runs are amazing because no one is around but safety first, hey!

The Combat+ (on Rachel), are the best over-ear performance headphones by Soul Electronics - really lightweights, breathable, sweat resistant and they look quite sleek.

The Transform (on myself), are a cheaper model but I think they are just as good. Not so sleek looking but they are also lightweight and breathable. The earpads are removable and washable.

The Flex (on Kim), for the those who don't like chunky headphones are ergonomically designed to fit all and you can be assured that they won't fall during your workout. Again, these are lightweight, waterproof and antibacterial - perfect for a full on sweaty workout session.

All three pairs have a tangle free cable with a controller. So no more annoying knots!

The price range can fit all budgets.

The Combat+: £159.99

Transform: £69.99

Flex: £49.99

Which one would you go for? Definitely one to add to the   Don't wait to long for your shopping. Only 25 days to go!!!!!