Forever 21 Activewear - Train Together, Sweat Together


Happy New Year, guys! It's the middle of January already, where does the time go? This time last year, we were in the midst of training for a MARATHON. So crazy what life throws at us.

Some of you may feel guilty because you ate too much over Christmas but, it's fine! We're human, we're allowed to overindulge sometimes and we're sure you enjoyed it. That's all that matters! Two weeks of eating whatever the hell we want, and a whole year to work it all off so we can do it again - sounds good to us!

We won't give you a list of things to do for a better you in 2015 because you're all already amazing (plus you've probably heard it a million times already, we get it: New year, new you blah blah!). Sticking to New Year's resolution is pretty difficult - why is sticking to something for more than two weeks so hard? I reckon it is because of motivation and drive. We are all full of great ideas and energy. In theory it seems easy but, in practice, it's a lot more difficult.

We did a month long challenge back in November where we had to do some sort of fitness activity every day. Whether it was running, NTC, dancing or Insanity - it all counted. We wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of each other (basically, the constant nagging on Whatsapp!) Here are a few things that we, Food and Lycra, do to keep us going.

New year, new gear.

Wardrobe refresh! There's is no better time than now to refresh your sports 'fits for something brighter and bolder. We spend about 50% of our time wearing sports kit, and we know if you feel confident in your kit, you're guaranteed to hit the gym and the streets to work that little bit harder too. And, obvs, take a worthy post-workout selfie for Instagram (we know you all do it too).

January, being the month of no-money-in-the-bank, means we need to be smart with our dollars. Affordable, doesn't mean cheap. Which is why we love Forever 21's Activewear range. It is accessible to everyone, stylish and performs when we need it to. We are loving the back details on the back of bras, the faux-leather shorts (don't worry, it doesn't make you sweat!) and the shiny work-out pants which has an iridescent texture to it. Seriously, <3!


The team work makes the dream work, guys. 

We always try, as much as we can, to exercise together. It's so much more fun to have someone to interact and catch jokes with!

When it comes to running, someone once told me that running was a selfish sport because when you run, only your body matters. Well, we don't agree. Running with a group of friends or just one friend, makes it a lot easier and enjoyable, giving you a chance to have a good catch up.

Challenging each other will help you improve your general fitness.

Have you heard of a plank challenge? The simplest workouts are the most effective. The plank works your core, activates your glutes, improve your balance and posture, and strengthens your arm muscles. Who will last the longest? Who has the best core. Can you hold for 5 minutes?

Once you're done with your planks, move on to the unstoppable sit-ups. Get those abs tight (contract, contract, contract!) and let's bring your six pack out. Yes you have one, we all do. It's just sometimes hidden LOL!

SQUAT BRO! How low can you go? Come on ladies who loves to squat? Get that booty to work, work, work. If it burns you're doing well. Again, which one of you and your friends will be able to do the most?

It's so much more fun when you do it with your friends and you will actually push and better yourself.

And one very important thing, be silly and have a laugh. It's good for your core too! Maybe you can try something crazy like this LOL!

Watch out for our next post where we take you through a post-workout eat up!