Beats 1 Run LDN


You probably already know we love a good run, especially in different countries and most importantly followed by good food. So when we were invited along to run the Beats 1 Run by Beats by Dre 5k we wondered what we were in for... One word: EPIC!

Beats 1 Run

We've been on a lot of runs in our time (we're getting old now people) but this 5km run blew us away. Seriously, I'm still vibsing off of it now, and it's been just less than 5 days since it happened. Beats 1 Run is the first global music run to take place simultaneously across 4 cities: London (represennnttt), Paris, New York and LA. Pure beats, pure vibes!

We got there and we were given our tops with 3M details on it, everyone loves a bit of reflective sportswear (another Tick, Beats by Dre), as well as our Powerbeats2 Wireless earphones. Everyone who took part got a brand new pair to run with and take home after the race which was all kinds of awesome. And what's even better is anyone could have signed up, no exclusivity, Beats by Dre wanted everyone involved.

Beats 1 Run

We got our glow sticks on, tuned into the Beats 1 radio on our iPhones and before we knew it we were listening to the same tunes as hundreds of people in London, Paris, New York and LA who were all running at the same time! That took international to another level, it was basically a global running party. We ran an awesome route from Tobacco Docks in East London with amazing views of Tower Bridge and the Shard en route. We were paced by runners equipped with Beats Pills tuned into the same station - I reckon this was just so passers by could get some of the vibes too but it worked for me when my battery was close to dying (I didn't charge my phone guys- my bad).

Beats 1 Run

The head phones are awesome. No fiddly wires and if you have problems with earphones falling out of your ears you 95% won't have that problem with these. Now I know 90% of statistics are made up (lolz I love that one) but I know a few people who have the headphone-ear problem and don't have the problem with these headphones - also I didn't hear any complaints about them on the day. They have a mic so you can casj take your calls while you're running too (who am I kidding? We eat too much to be that fit but eating and taking calls we manage well)! The headphones sync with your phone via bluetooth and the sound is seamless. There's a remote on the headphones to control the volume and there's a mini battery bar on your phone to show you how much juice your headphones has left. This brings me onto a very important point - BATTERY LIFE. We have given these headphones the ultimate test - we used them for a half marathon earlier this year. Rachel had Spotify playing via streaming internationally (balling like that still), the Nike+ Running app and the headphones connected via bluetooth and her phone and earphones' battery didn't die! Impressive! Even though my phone battery was at about 30% mine still lasted 5km.

We got back after the run and got the best surprise - MEDALS! This was like a real race guys, something we really weren't expecting! I recently paid to do a sprint triathlon and didn't even get a medal (gutted) so to get a medal for this had me really chuffed. Especially after I really legged it around the 5KM route- it felt like a real achievement on Sunday night. It was also gold - winning! It went straight up in my collection at the front.

Beats 1 Run

The celebrations didn't stop too. We got to the after party, sipped on some post race champagne (as you do) and ate some (lots of) sausages and mash and fish and chips. Thank god we wasn't being fed quinoa and kale after the race. I mean, nothing against these foods, I like my quinoa salads with a handful (pinch) of kale but after any run I'm just like GIVE ME THE FOOD! So stuffing my face with sausages and mash (onion gravy too yo!) and fish and chips did me perfectly while I skanked out to a bit of grime and old skool garage at the end.

Thanks so much Beats by Dre. You really know how to put on an epic global running party - more pretty please, bigger next year?