Celebrating Lunar New Year with Dumpling Shack: Dumpling HIIT

For the first time ever, we celebrated Lunar New Year with people outside of our immediate family, and we loved it! It’s mad - why haven’t we done this before?! The day was a massive hit, and we celebrated the year of the pig with 50 amazing people who were ready to work out and feast on endless amounts of dumplings!

We joined forces with our absolute favs DUMPLING SHACK to bring you the food to our lycra. Dumpling Shack is founded by power couple John and Yee, and honestly, we’ve never met nicer and more hard working people in our lives. Oh, and did we mention we’ve also never tasted shengjianbaos as good as theirs either?! We’ve known Jon and Yee for many years, since they had their humble stall in Broadway Market. Since then, we’ve watched them grow and hustle, to now having a permanent spot based in Spitalfields Market.

We’ve been wanting to partner with them since for ever, but were too scared they would reject us LOL! Luckily for us, when we approached them to do an event to celebrate our new year, and invite people who wouldn’t normally celebrate this moment to join us, they were all up for it!

We handed out lucky red enveloped (packed with the sickest F&L x DS collab tee), worked out with a competitive finish, then celebrated with our family fest of dumplings ft. all the classics: shengjianbaos, spicy wontons and boiled vegan dumplings. The perfect way to see in the lucky Year of the Pig: with good health and good food! Watch the full recap video below.

See you next year?