Our First Fitness Festival: THE SUNDAY FEAST Feb 2019

Wow! We curated, organised and managed a whole fitness festival that included four classes, a panel talk and food (obvs!) for 200 people. It was literally a FEAST… on a Sunday, The Sunday Feast! We still look back at this amazed that we actually pulled this off! Of course with the support of Strong Island ❤️.

The whole idea behind this was to create something that we haven’t seen yet. A fitness festival for the young and diverse people of London. We were pretty fed up of going to fitness festivals that didn’t cater to these people, for people like us. It can be pretty intimidating going into spaces that are on your door step but where no one looks like you, especially if you’re a young woman or man stepping into these spaces.

The problem with these events is that they are marketed for ‘all’ but ‘all’ are not there, we felt like there was space for us to make a difference.

We truly believe ‘you cannot be what you cannot see’. The lineup at a fitness event is SO important. We didn’t have to look very far to get some of the best coaches in the industry to come down to either run classes or talk to our audience. Watch the video on the right, London turned up to our Fitness Festival… looking around the room it actually looked and felt like London. Why was that? People took a chance on the event because they saw people who look like them on the line up, without realising it these people believed there was room for them at the table.

What do you think? Did you come to The Sunday Feast? We would love to hear from you!

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