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Last Thurdsay Lacoste invited us, along with several other London based fashion and lifestyle bloggers to take part in the first ever L!VE Pétanque tournament to celebrate the LACOSTE L!VE LAB collection. Have you played Pétanque before? Well I have in my younger years back home. I'm french. I have to admit that claiming to have played before didn't help that much.

La Pétanque is like jeux de boules where the goal is, while standing inside a starting circle with both feet on the ground, to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet.

The winning team receives one point for each boule that it has closer to the cochonnet than the best-placed boule of the opposition. Pretty simple right?

The game begins. 8 teams are in. 6 balls per team. Individualism, Menswear Style, Number Six, The Daily Street, Threads TV, Who’s Jack London, Yin & Yang and us.

All geared up in our Lacoste Polos with the name our website embroidered on the collar, we are ready start.

First game for us was against the guys at Individualism. It started off very polite and ended with very tense competition. All on a banter level of course. We even tried to distract our opponents by winding them up ahahah but they were not having it.

Unfortunately we lost this game as Rachel thought it was a training session. She didn't realize the real game had started. But never mind we killed the following 2 games against the girls of Who’s Jack London and the boys of The Daily Street.

Beating the guys of The Daily Street aka The Daily Murkage (it's all love guys) was actually really fun. But when it came to arguing who's ball was the closest, we had to get the tape measure out!!! No time for jokes. We had to measure the distance of our balls to the cochonnet to make sure we were winning. And we did!!!!! We had such a laugh. Sorry lads!

We came 5th out of 8! We'll come first next time!

Thank you Lacoste for having us. We had a great evening. We look forward for to  the next one.

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The Pétanque Champs, Menswear Style:

Menswear Style

The LACOSTE L!VE LAB Collection is currently available in the Knightsbridge Flagship store, 44 Brompton Road, London SW3 1BW